Ambulance Heaters

Keep Safe and Warm

The temperature inside an ambulance can be an important part in the safety of a patient. So it’s equally important to have a heater that can be relied upon. At MV Heating our Airo range of heaters are just what the doctor ordered. They are diesel powered air heaters that fire warm, dry air around the vehicle with minimal noise output and a clean burning exhaust. They are easy to install and our comprehensive kits mean that you’re supplied with everything you need for installation.

We also offer upgrade kits with extra ventilation and ducting so that both smaller and larger vehicles can be equipped. Accessories are also available, such as remote timers that you can start before you set off, so it’s already warm when you get in: Perfect for those cold winter mornings and nights on the road.

Air Heating Typical Installation

diesel powered hot air heating for minibus diagram

The MV Airo series of blown air heaters can be fitted either inside or outside the vehicle with the addition of an exterior stainless steel mounting box. We have a wide range of accessories available to fit single outlet or multiple outlet installations. We also provide a variety of controls to suit customer requirements from basic on/off switches to telephone operated systems to switch the heating system on remotely. We also carry multiple options for making your heater quieter, from exhaust and combustion air silencers, to acoustic ducting; your heater will have never been quieter.

Water heating typical installation

water heating system for minibus diagram

The MV Hydro series of hot water heaters can provide central heating via matrix heaters or radiators and domestic hot for showers and sink via a calorifier. The advantage of a diesel heater is that it can be run whilst the vehicle is travelling to provide heat to the rear of the vehicle. The simple push fit plumbing systems available make installation of these heaters within the reach of any competent DIY person.

Heating Kits for Ambulances


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