Commercial Boat Heaters

Keeping you warm wherever you are

MV Heating Ltd have a large range of matrix heaters to use in conjunction with the Hydro range of heaters to provide large airflow and heat for demisting, an essential for safety in this market area. The Hydro heaters have the power to provide heating for engine rooms if vessels are kept on standby, plus heating for crew quarters, wheel house and domestic water for galley and showers via a calorifier.

Like the ocean they charter, often large, commercial, marine craft can feel harsh and unforgiving, so why not make them more appealing for you and your workforce by simply adding some warmth to your vessel. If your boat is lacking or your current heating system is just too inefficient then MV Heating has the solution. We can supply your boat with the means to heat both the cabins themselves and provide you with domestic hot water through our water heaters.

The accessories and comprehensive upgrade kits we offer mean that commercial craft of all sizes can be suited from the most basic needs, such as simple hot air blown heating, to a more complex water system; using matrix heaters and calorifiers, to deliver you domestic hot water easily and efficiently.

Typical Installation

The heater is normally fitted in the engine room. The heater will draw diesel fuel from the main fuel tank via the fuel pump. The water pump circulates the hot water around the boat to feed radiators or finrads to provide central heating plus hot water via a calorifier to provide hot water to the galley, bath or shower.

A 22mm 2 pipe system should be installed with ‘T’ off 15mm to the radiators to ensure good water flow through the heater.

boat heater installation diagram

Kit Layout

marine heater layout diagram

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