MV Airo 2 Boost V

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A diesel powered 2.2kW air heater which is:

  • Quiet
  • Easy to fit
  • With low cost of ownership

Note: Any ducting added to your kit will come as one long length.

MV Airo 2 Boost Manual

Installation and Operation Manual


The MV Airo 2 Boost is a new diesel heater which is economical, light weight, with a low current consumption and is easy to install. It operates fully automatically with a timer control with a 7 step output from 0.85kw to a full 2.2kw. It takes diesel fuel from the vehicle tank via it’s own fuel pump (supplied in the kit) and delivers it to the heater in precise amounts to give a clean burning, low noise exhaust, which exits underneath the vehicle.

More powerful than the MV Airo 2 model, perfect for tighter installation positions that require more output.

The warm, dry air is circulated around the interior of the vehicle by the quiet built in fan. Its efficient design means current consumption is kept to a minimum. At a low setting, drawing only 0.9A from the battery.


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