Technical Support

Servicing & Repair

We offer a full service/repair of any MV heater. We charge a flat rate of 2 hours labour at £45.00 per hour, plus parts, carriage, and VAT.

To take advantage of this service, simply send your heater to the address on our contact page, along with a covering letter and allow us to contact you back within 7-10 working days during the winter, or 5-7 working days during the summer months.

Technical Help

For technical support and assistance with fault diagnosis please select your heater model:




MV Airo 2 and Airo 5 Manual – Non Plateau

MV Airo 2 and Airo 5 Manual – Alpine Auto

MV Airo 2 Boost and Airo 4 Manual – Non Plateau

MV Airo 2 Boost and Airo 4 – Alpine Auto

MV Hydro 5 Manual

MV Hydro 55 Manual

MV Hydro 9 Manual

MV MX50 Manual

For more up-to-date manuals and miscellaneous documents -Click here

Workshop Manual

The below manuals will help provide information about overhauling you heater.

MV Airo 2 Workshop Manual

MV Airo 5 Workshop Manual

MV Hydro 5-S Workshop Manual


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